The flagship research programs in Electrical Engineering are Master of Science (Research) and Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D). Excellent laboratory facilities with research equipment, high performance computing cluster etc. are available for students to carry out cutting edge research in an area of their choice. Funded projects secured by various faculty members provide relevant research problems for students to work on. A vibrant research atmosphere is available in the institute to encourage research students to realize their dreams to pursue careers in research, academia and industry. The research student community is very active and is motivated to engage with peers at various levels in order to widen their understanding. Students are also encouraged to publish papers in journals and conferences in India and abroad. The attention to the aspirations of each student is a hallmark of the program which is achieved through a progress monitoring system.

The EE has eight broad areas as follows:

  1. Biomedical Signal Processing and Imaging
  2. Communication and Signal Processing
  3. Control and robotics
  4. Digital VLSI Design
  5. Nanoelectronics, Plasmonics & Semiconductor Devices
  6. Power Electronics and Power Systems
  7. RF and Microwave including Antennas, Radars and Signal Processing
  8. Sensors, Measurements and Instrumentation

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