Code: EE5003 Category: PME Credits:3-0-0-3


Course Contents

Microwave resonators: Series and Parallel Resonant Circuits, Loaded and Unloaded Q, Transmission Line Resonators (Short-Circuited λ/2 Line and λ/4 Line, Open-Circuited λ/2 Line), Rectangular Waveguide Cavity Resonators; Microwave filters: Filter Design by the Insertion Loss Method, Characterization by Power Loss Ratio, Maximally Flat Low-Pass Filter Prototype, Equal-Ripple Low-Pass Filter Prototype, Linear Phase Low-Pass Filter Prototypes, Filter Transformations, Bandpass and Band stop Transformations, Filter Implementation, Richards’ Transformation, Kuroda’s Identities, Impedance and Admittance Inverters; Introduction to coupled line filters. PIN diodes and its applications in microwave Phase Shifters; Reflection phase shifter, switched line phase shifter, loaded line phase shifter, high-pass/low pass phase shifters. Microwave Tubes: Klystones, Reflex Klystones, Travelling wave Tubes (TWT) and Magnetron. Microwave diodes (IMPATT Diodes, Gunn Diodes).