Code: EE5002 Category: PME Credits:3-0-0-3


Course Contents

  1. Fundamental Concepts: Review of microwave passive components like power dividers and couplers that include: Scattering matrix of 3- and 4-port junctions; Design of T-junction and Wilkinson power dividers; Design of 90 o and 180 o hybrids. Review of impedance matching using smith chart that include: resistive matching, LC matching, matching using open/short stubs, RF diode characteristics.
  2. Small Signal Amplifiers: Introductions, Two-port power gains, Stability considerations, maximum gain amplifier, Designs of specified gain for broadband, Bilateral gain circles, Available power gain circles.
  3. Low Noise Amplifiers: Introductions, Dynamic range and sources of noise, Noise power and equivalent noise temperature, Definition of noise figure, Noise figures in cascaded and two-port networks, Low-noise amplifier design.
  4. Mixers: Introductions, Mixer characteristics, single-ended diode mixer, balanced mixer, Image reject mixer.
  5. Oscillators: Introductions, Oscillation conditions, stability considerations, phase noise, LC oscillators, two-port negative resistance oscillators, Dielectric resonator oscillators.
  6. Conclusion: Transmitter and Receiver Architectures, Overview of MMIC, CMOS and RF MEM S Technologies, Technology Roadmap