Code: EE5001 Category: ERC Credits:3-0-0-3


Course Contents

  1. Review of antennas, directional couplers, power dividers.
  2. Radar Basics: transmitter and receiver details, radar equation, range prediction; minimum detectable signal (sensitivity); receiver noise; radar cross section of targets; concept for matched filter.
  3. Pulsed Doppler radars, radar hardware and electronics, pulse repetition frequency; limitations of moving target indication (MTI) radar, non-coherent MTI.
  4. Radar signal acquisition system, analog-to-digital conversion, time-domain processing, Fourier analysis: continuous-time and discrete time.
  5. Radars for observing distributed targets/remote sensing: Rain detection and rain rate determination.
  6. Microwave Radiometry; fundamental aspects of microwave radiometric measurements, receivers and radiometer systems design, effects of noise figure on system performance, theory of radiative transfer equation.