Code: EE2060 Category: PMT Credits:3-0-0-3


Course Contents

  1. Transmission Line: Transmission line theory, line terminated by resistive load, transmission line discontinuity, lines with reactive terminations and discontinuities, lines with initial condition, interconnections with logic gates, short circuited lines, line terminated by arbitrary load, transmission line matching, smith chart, the lossy line, pulses on lossy line. (14 hours) 
  2. Uniform Plane Wave: Curl and divergence, uniform plane wave in the time domain in free space, sinusoidal time-varying uniform plane wave in free space, polarization of sinusoidal time-varying vector fields, Power flow and energy storage, conductors and semiconductors, dielectrics, magnetic material, wave equation and solution for material medium, uniform plane wave in dielectrics and conductors, boundary conditions, reflection and transmission of uniform plane waves. (14 hours) 
  3. Wave Guide: Uniform plane wave propagation in an arbitrary direction, TE and TM waves in a parallel plate waveguide, transmission line equivalents, dispersion and group velocity, reflection and refraction of plane waves, dielectric slab guide, rectangular metallic waveguide and cavity resonator, cylindrical metallic waveguide and cavity resonator, losses in metallic waveguide and resonators. (14 hours)