The Measurements & Instrumentation lab is well equipped with sophisticated instruments like the NI ELVIS-III board that serves as a complete solution for circuit implementation and its analysis.  The LCR meter (Keysight E4980AL- 20 Hz to 1 MHz)  in the instrumentation lab is used for measuring various passive element parameters at high accuracy. An ample number of experiments using various transducers such as LVDT and strain gauge can be performed simultaneously. The lab also contains a large stock of MyDAQ Data Acquisition systems from National Instruments and Arduino boards. The lab has the capability to host virtual lab using LabVIEW software.

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Resources and Facilities

  • Arbitrary Function Generator (AFG 31000- Tektronix)
  • Digital Multimeter (DMM6500-Keithley)
  • Infrared Moisture Meter
  • LabView
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO44-Tektronix)
  • NI-ELVIS III Board
  • Smart Tweezers (ST5S-Ideal-tek)
  • Soil Moisture Meters
  • Variable Inductance and Capacitance Boxes

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