Licenses for the industry standard Integrated Circuit design tool from Cadence have been purchased. This tool allows students to understand the standard workflow involved in the design of analog and digital ICs.
We have also purchased licenses for the Sentaurus device simulation software from Synopsys. This is also an industry standard tool where students understand the flow of electrons and holes inside semiconductor devices like diodes and transistors. These tools will also be heavily used by research scholars working in the VLSI area. On the hardware side, an ample stock of FPGA (from Xilinx), Microcontroller (Arduinos and Texas Instruments), DSP (fixed and floating point from Texas Instruments) and Embedded System boards (Raspberry PI with accessories) is maintained to facilitate hands-on learning. We also leverage the equipment available in the Central Instrumentation and Central Micro-Nano Fabrication facilities for teaching and research. These include : RF and DC probe stations, semiconductor parameter analyzer,  solar simulator, cleanroom with access to sputtering, lithography and wetbenches.


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Resources and Facilities

  • DSP Kits(fixed and floating point from Texas Instruments)
  • Embedded System boards (Raspberry PI with accessories)
  • FPGA Boards (Xilinx)
  • Microcontroller Boards(Arduinos and Texas Instruments)
  • Sentaurus Device Simulation Software (Synopsys)

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