Several software defined radios (SDRs) from National Instruments are used in this laboratory. The SDRs can be configured through software to act as a transceiver for any wireless communication system such as
FM, WiFi, GPS, GSM, LTE, etc. The SDRs housed in our laboratory can transmit RF signals up to 6GHz in frequency to 50MHz in bandwidth. Prototyping, testing and research on new and novel wireless communication techniques for 5G, sensor networks, IoT, etc. can be performed using these devices.
To introduce our students to the process of testing Microwave and Radio Frequency components, a four-port 8 GHz Vector Network Analyzer (from Rohde and Schwarz), a Signal Analyzer (from Keysight) for measurements up to 7 GHz, and a Signal Generator (from Tektronix) have been procured. The lab is also  stocked with various microwave components like amplifiers, oscillators, mixers, filters, directional couplers and antennas operating from 1 GHZ to 10 GHz.

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Resources and Facilities

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators (2 Channel)
  • Benchmark Optical Fiber Trainer and Digital Communication Kits
  • DSO 4 channel & 2 Channel 100 MHz
  • Microwave Test Benches
  • NI USRP 2901
  • NI USRP 2930 
  • NI CDA 2990 Triband and Dual-band antennas
  • RF Active & Passive Components
  • Signal Analyzer (N9010B EXA)
  • Vector Network Analyzer (Rohde & Schwarz NB 8-VNA )
  • Vector Signal Generator (TSG4106A Series DC-6 GHz)

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